What We Provide

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Website Development

Our full-service web development package is the most efficient and cost-effective way to develop, host, and maintain your website. This package includes:

hosting on your own virtual private server. Your website or WordPress installation doesn’t share this VPS space with any other company or individual. If you want to update your own website, you can safely log in and do this.

creation, reconstruction, or remodeling of your website. You can supply as much or as little of the creative ideas, graphics, and content as you wish. You are allowed to see the site in progress. Your current website can stay active while we work on your new site. If we are making you a new website, a custom “splash page” can be shown to the public while your new site is being developed.

maintenance of your website. This is very important for both a great customer experience and cybersecurity. Regular updates of everything, from the VPS the software running your site, are what keeps the hackers at bay. We also monitor your backup process to make sure it’s happening regularly.

More Options:

clamshell cyoc (create your own content)
Some people want to provide 100% of the content and graphics for their website, but they don’t want to design, build, or maintain it themselves. If you’re one of these people, we have a program for you.

clamshell cyod (create your own design)
Some people want to create 100% of their own layout and style, but they don’t want to write their own content, and they may need help creating graphics. If this describes you, we have you covered. We can provide the CYOD service for any kind of site, hosted anywhere.

clamshell dyoh (do your own hosting)
Don’t want to move your site? Need refurbishing in your own house? While this is not our main focus, it’s a possibility. Let’s talk about it.

clamshell seo
We offer several levels of service for search engine optimization, from completely managed, to do-it-yourself, to options in between.

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Social Strategies

We offer the following social media services for your company or political campaign:

comprehensive strategy. We help you to determine the most cost-efficient comprehensive social strategy for your business or organization.

Training. We train you and your staff to communicate effectively on each social platform.

administration. We administer Facebook pages and discussion groups.

More Options:

social media content creation
Under certain circumstances, we will create social media content on an ongoing basis. Contact us to see if your project qualifies.

hosting twitter chats
We have extensive experience with Twitter chat promotion and hosting.

social media keyword and hashtag research
This can be part of our SEO offerings, or a separate service.

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graphics creation

photo editing

powerpoint and prezi presentations
When you give a talk or teach a seminar, the focus should be on you, not your technology. And yet the right graphics and visual effects can help your audience to enjoy and retain your lecture. We can create a presentation for you that strikes the right balance between facts and fun.

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Clamshell Communications partners with CMIT Solutions to provide extra security for our customers who need it. Offerings include:

private managed servers. Some web-based tools and services need to be hosted behind a managed firewall on a managed private server and accessed via a secure portal.

tested data backup and recovery. Your stored data is of no use if you can’t recover it. Recovery testing lets you know whether your data is truly safe.

email services. Hosted email, encrypted email, and Office 365.

Other Services by CMIT Solutions:

managed it services
Managed IT services are the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and planning that must be done to keep a computer network operating efficiently and securely.

network services and security
A good computer network transports data from employee to employee, and it also sends and receives information between your company and the outside world. It can allow your employees to collaborate, but it also can also be configured to restrict the flow of information between different parts of your company. A good network helps you do the most amount of work in the least amount of time.

vitrual cio/cto services
When it comes to IT, most CEOs don’t know what they don’t know. In order to create a comprehensive and effective plan for business growth, it takes expertise in both management and technology. The CMIT Solutions virtual CIO/CTO service helps you to budget, schedule, and execute your short- and long-term plans.

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