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Anyone can make a functional website. Our websites are also beautiful, and written with expertise. Visitors will immediately understand the image and message you want to portray, and your site will be easy to use. We even offer a unique accessibility tool that every user will appreciate. You can choose your level of involvement in the process, and the payment plan that fits your budget. Our full-service website management package is the most efficient and cost-effective way to develop, host, and maintain your website, but we offer individually-priced services as well.

We apply the same focus on verbal and visual aesthetics to our clients' social media accounts. We are tough administrators, holding users accountable and slaying trolls with the stroke of key, but we are also artists, providing a beautiful feed filled with striking images and compelling text.

Our entire team is based in the United States. We can communicate with you via phone, text, email, video chat, Facebook messenger, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Slack, Discord, and Teams.



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Caryn Angelique Martinez

This video is captioned!

I began my professional career as a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. I received a degree in Editing and Publishing (the Scholarly Publishing Certificate) through the Graduate Public History Program at Arizona State University in 1988. While I was in grad school, I was the managing editor of two academic journals: Aging & Human Development and Omega: Journal of Death and Dying.

After graduation, I founded Expression, a journal of creative writing, illustration, and photography. These were the days before the Internet and easy publicity, and yet I managed to distribute the magazine to forty bookstores in eight states, including the entire Border’s chain, which was just beginning to expand.

In 1997 I founded Angelique & Friends Entertainment, a company that connected entertainers with clients and promoted events. A&F was one of the very first entertainment agencies on the Internet, and as a growing number of people wanted to find and book entertainers on line, the business expanded quickly from local to regional to national. I designed the company website and handled all of the search engine marketing and optimization.

In order to promote my company and my entertainers, I utilized all the new digital methods of marketing, promoting, and branding. After I closed the agency in 2008, I became a social media expert, teaching classes, coaching business owners, and administering accounts. My #AskAngel Twitter chat was one of the largest and longest-running in the Twitterverse.

I spent several years helping to launch my husband’s managed IT and cybersecurity service, CMIT Solutions of Gilbert and Mesa, before returning to marketing communications. Clamshell Communications and CMIT of Gilbert and Mesa work together to provide a wide variety of services to our customers.

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