Remote Workforce Transition Services

woman working remotely in her home office at her computer videoconferencing on one monitor with graphs on two other monitors

Clamshell Communications and CMIT Solutions of Gilbert and Mesa are both owned by Caryn and Alex Martinez. Our customers benefit from our partnership.

Right now many companies who have never managed a remote workforce are sending their employees home to work. This keeps employees and customers safe from Covid-19, but can cause disruptions in service and threats to data and privacy.

Don’t let the coronavirus slow your business down! CMIT Solutions of Gilbert and Mesa can help you shift from an in-house staff to a remote workforce quickly, safely, and reliably.

  • Protect your data
  • Repel ransomware
  • Quickly access files
  • Work collaboratively
  • Hold online meetings

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Don’t live in Arizona? No problem! CMIT Solutions has 180 locations in North America. We will get you in touch with the right IT professionals.

(And don’t forget that if your company sells products and services online, now is the time to improve your presence and reach. Contact Clamshell Communications for an evaluation today!)